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J1b1- Enterprise, was started to work with small and mid size companies that need  IT support, whether that would be Server-side,  Network-side or User side support/training

Server-side support can be as generic as Windows 2008-2012 support, or designing and creating a new  virtual environment using VmWare products and services or adding on to an existing virtual environment. Creating open source servers using Linux based OS, adding extra physical or virtual servers to the infrastructure.  Adding more storage using a NAS (network area storage) device or a SAN (storage area network) to accommodate the current growth or forecasted  growth of the company.  Each device has its pros and cons, what you will need for your company is a complex question that needs to be analyzed before a purchase is made.  Verifying backup solutions for both physical servers and virtual servers and making recommendations if warranted.

Network-side could be as upgrading old switches, adding new switches, re-configuration, adding or deleting of Vlans. Upgrading of firewall appliances, adding more bandwidth. upgrading cabling from core switches to IDF( intermediate distribution frame), a secondary closet located between the main closet or IT server room and end users. Used as a distribution point from within the network. 

User-side support and training for users, including creating training guides, supporting company supplied devices. Creation of policy and procedures.


Each process is examined to verify that the path is the correct way and the ROI (return on Investment) is in line with the company's forecast.